Israel: Tel Aviv תל אביב

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Known both affectionately and disparagingly, as the “State of Tel Aviv”, reflecting its unique character as the most progressive city in the Middle East, and / or a snobbiness that it doesn’t associate with all that dust and aggravation. It’s small in proportion to its reputation - other surrounding cities such as Ramat Gan and Holon are technically part of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (“Gush Dan”).

Due to this, the best ways to get around are generally by walking, hiring bicycles, and using service taxis and buses. Parking is a big problem, and many locals don’t have cars.

Things to do

  • Shuk HaCarmel שוק הכרמל
  • Nachalat Binyamin נחלת בינימין
  • Kikar Rabin כיכר רבין
  • Shuk HaTikva שוק התקווה
  • Dizengoff Center דיזנגוף סנטר
  • Promenade and beaches טיילת וחופי ים
  • Drum Beach חוף התופים - Comes alive on Friday afternoon, before and through sunset, as the Goa-returnees bring in the Sabbath in a non-traditional, musical way, with a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Park HaYarkon פרק היקרון
  • Neve Tzedek נווה צדק
  • Kerem HaTemanim
  • Old North
  • Rothschild / Chen Boulevards
  • Dizengoff / Ben Yehuda Streets
  • Bauhaus Centre
  • Bugrashov Street רחוב בוגרשוב
  • Falafel Gabay פלאפל גבאי
  • Florentin פלורנטין
  • Mate מייט
  • The Port (“HaNamal”) הנמל
  • Old Jaffa (“Yafo”)
  • Jaffa port נמל יפו
  • Beit Ha’amudim בית העמודים

Food and drink

  • HaKosem הקוסם - Fast food, classily prepared and presented, yet totally unpretentious. A rarity that does all the classic options well, you can’t go wrong.
  • Dabush דבוש
  • 206
  • Shipudei HaTikva שפודי התקווה
  • Avazi
  • Haj Kahil
  • The Streets
  • Makom Shel Basar מקום של בשר
  • Rak Basar רק בשר
  • Wolfnights
  • Moses מוזס
  • Max Brenner

(Header image: Tel Aviv coastline.)