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The header photo is the Gamla Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights, Israel, taken by me in Spring 2012.

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Man Seeks Home, Finds Himself

6 minute read

Psuedo-philosophy aside, it was time to deal with earthly matters and find somewhere to live.  This would surely be piss-easy.  Just check out the adverts, v...

… And He Can’t Find His Way Home

4 minute read

Even though there was (and still is - this was written weeks ago) the primal uncertainty of not having a home, for the most part there has been more good tha...

Plane -> Couch -> Bed - Onwards and Upwards

4 minute read

You get a different crowd on non El-Al flights, and it’s most noticable on the new cheapo-cheapo service.  I kept telling myself that not everyone was a self...